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Rectangular electrolytic galvanized pipe

The electrolytic zincing is done only on the outside with an entrance in the interior spaces on distances of 20-25mm and with a thickness of the zinc start of 0.01mm, which can reach 0.02mm depending on the zincing time.
The thicknesses of the pipes used and which frequently exist in our stock are in the range of 1.5 and 5mm, but we can supply and deliver round, rectangular and square pipes with thicknesses greater than 5mm.

The length of the bars is 6ml implying their cuts at the desired dimensions to obtain the metal pillars. For example, for the molding of galvanized fence panels of 2x2.5 m the height of the pole is sufficient of 2.4m and thus can be obtained from 2 bars of 6m, 5 poles of 2.4m from which one is welded and rectified.
The electrolytic galvanized pipe is used in the interior design area, where average chemical protection is required, but with a surface as close as possible to the base material. For example, electrolytic zinc can be used in the corrosion protection of those components that must come out in the form of the base material. The thin layer of zinc offers this possibility of technical realization having also good quality of corrosion protection.